Help for Ukrainian families - donations

28 lutego 2022 r.

We are a national association of large families. We connect nearly 5,000 families nationwide, each with at least 3 children. We operate locally and on a national level, having the status of a Public Benefit Organization. Our main goal is to work for families with children.

Currently, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, very many of our families have joined the relief effort. More and more refugees are coming to Poland, and we are opening our homes for them. We are launching a financial collection for those who are willing and able to support the Ukrainians in their most difficult moments. We guarantee that all money will be used to help, our association does not charge any fee or commission for these activities. Thank you!

Bank account dedicated for Ukraine:
IBAN: PL87 1750 0012 0000 0000 3891 2027

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