1st European Congress of Family Friendly Municipalities

18 listopada 2020 r.

W formie on-line odbył się Pierwszy Europejski Kongres Samorządów Przyjaznych Rodzinie.

O współpracy ZDR z samorządami i naszym pilotażowym programie certyfikacji opowiadała Iren Jeśmanowicz.



15:30 Welcome 

  • Raul Sanchez, secretary general of ELFAC


  • Dubravka Suica, vice president for Democracy and Demography, European Commission (Brussels)
  • Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC 

15:40 Demography and social challenges

  • Demographic situation of Europe: Alejandro Macarrón, director of Demographic Renaissance Foundation (Spain)
  • Challenges for the future: Roberto Poli, Professor of Philosophy of Science, UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems, Trento University (Italy)

16:15 Family wellbeing: Social and local policies (30’)

  • Addressing SDG 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable: Renata Kaczmarska, Focal point on families UNDESA (UN New York, USA)
  • Demographic change: proposals on measuring and tackling its negative effects in the EU regions: Adam Karacsony, Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment and Culture, European Committee of Regions (Brussels)
  • Shifting priorities in post-Covid recovery: focus on wellbeing of families and communities: Kinga Jóo, vice president Group III, European Economic and Social Committee (Brussels)
  • Presentation of the Report: Measures to support families during Covid-19 in Europe: Rita Castro Feijo, president of the Portuguese Large Families Association (APFN) and Vitória Salvado, Studies Department of APFN.

Questions to speakers

16:45 The European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities 

  • Why a European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities?: Luciano Malfer, General Director of the Agency for Family, Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)
  • Presentation of National Networks of Family Friendly Municipalities: Italy: Chiara Ledda / Poland: Irena Jeśmanowicz / Portugal: Isabel Paula Santos
  • Presentation of the 2nd. Convention of the European Network (March 2021): Getter Rang, NPO Estonian Association of Large Families

Questions to speakers

17:20 Virtual Tour of European Family Friendly Municipalities

Raul Sanchez, secretary general of ELFAC

17:25 Closing remarks: Declaration of the European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities

Regina Maroncelli, president of ELFAC

17:30 End of the Congress


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